Once staff are hired, they complete a comprehensive training program that exceeds all licensing requirements and provides extensive in-house training to ensure optimal care of the people we support.  All new employees are trained on ACR’s Core Values, and we routinely invite family members to attend this training class so that they will know what to expect of our staff.  Long-term staff are required to repeat this training every two years. All of our Homehealth and Companion staff are licensed Home Health Aides.

The following are the other classes that newly hired staff complete:


Food Safety
OSHA/Blood Borne Pathogens
Vulnerable Adults Act
Rule 40 & Behavior Mgmt
Dementia (Alzheimer’s)
Care Plans
Shadow Shifts

House Orientation

ACR Core Values & Professional Interactions Class
First Aid Class
CPR class
Introduction to Healthcare
Medical Equipment class
Medical Equipment In-Home Training
Home Health Aide Exam
Med. Adminstration Packet & Med Cards
Med. Administration Class: Part A
Med Administration Class: Part B
Med Administration In Home Test Out
Vehicle Safety class
Behind the Wheel Training
Orient. Home Care Lab/ Skills/ Exam